Solved Growth for leading Education Brand Hi Kalpaa

Solved Growth for leading Education Brand Hi Kalpaa

Apr 8, 2022

Client Overview:

Company: Hi Kalpaa
Industry: Education (Preschool)
Founded: 2022
Focus: Early childhood education
Location: Bengaluru
Marketing Channels: Google, Facebook, WhatsApp


Improper Lead Generation: Unclear objective resulting in poor quality leads.
No Lead Qualification: No system in place to qualify the leads in-house and get correct results.
Poor Ad Creatives: Existing ads weren't engaging or effective.
Limited Brand Awareness: Limited Brand reach on social media.


Community Brand Awareness: Increase visibility and familiarity on social media.
High-Quality Leads: Getting High quality leads using Performance Marketing.
Lead Qualification via WhatsApp: Implement a process to qualify leads on WhatsApp.


Social Media Calendar: Development of Social Media calendar and content calendar along with posting schedule to increase brand awareness and organic engagement.
Performance Marketing Campaign: Tailored omnichannel performance marketing campaign with detailed targeting.
WhatsApp Lead Qualification Flow: Designed a structured conversation flow on WhatsApp to engage and qualify leads.


Increased Presence: 140%+ increase in organic engagement across social media platforms.
High-Quality Leads: 110%+ increase in qualified leads.
Enhanced Conversion: 48% increase in conversion rate.